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Harmonious and correct perception of the environment develops in childhood, with high visual acuity and an even position of the eyes. The visual image is clear and three-dimensional. However, often the eyes deviate from the parallel position of the visual axes, and strabismus occurs. Strabismus is a cosmetic and functional problem associated with an imbalance of the oculomotor muscles. The eye may be deviated toward the nose or outward, more rarely the eye is deviated vertically. When strabismus is acute, the teenager or adult has discomfort and a feeling of constant double vision which significantly impairs the quality of life.

Timely detection of eye deviation, correct diagnosis of the causes of strabismus, and early treatment are the chances of correcting the cosmetic defect and reaching high vision in both eyes.

Strabismus treatment should undoubtedly start in childhood. Glasses selected in time could reduce the degree of strabismus deviation or even eliminate it completely. Correct spectacle correction combined with occlusion (temporary covering of the healthy eye) allows you to keep high vision in the problematic eye. If the “leveling” effect of the glasses is insufficient, strabismus is corrected by surgical correction. Consolidation of the surgical effect is achieved by training with apparatuses which form harmony not only at the level of the eye muscles, but also at the level of the visual department of the brain.

Thus, it is possible to correct strabismus with restoration of correct binocular vision. What is important is that even if it is not possible to improve vision in some older patients (and this will depend on the depth of changes in the visual system), achieving a good cosmetic effect and a harmonious correct position of the eyes is also our reality.

The modern sparing methods of surgical correction of strabismus and the possibility of adjusting stitches allow us to eliminate strabismus even in patients with low visual acuity. At the British Ophthalmological Center  we are able to provide comprehensive care for patients with strabismus. Perfect diagnostics, therapeutic tactics, careful observation of the dynamics of the process, and reliable consolidation of the treatment results – all these aspects are completely ensured within the walls of our clinic.

Strabismus can be conquered at any age!

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