Consultation with an ophthalmologist and an eye examination

Eye examination

Our specialists’ long-term experience and modern diagnostic equipment make it possible to detect any changes in the optics of the eye and choose the correct method of correction.

Full diagnostic vision examination

1350 UAH.

Free express eye test

Find out if you are a suitable candidate for laser eye correction in only 15 minutes by taking our free of charge express eye test on the latest equipment.

Predominantly non-contact examination according to EU standards

A complete eye diagnostic includes not only measuring of numerous eye parameters on machines, but also studying of documentation, execution of specific tests for each eye and both eyes together, examination of eye structures using a high magnification microscope. In the visual acuity test, you will be asked to read letters on various tables at close and distant distances to determine the lens power needed to compensate for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Patience and cooperation with an optometrist (eyeglass fitting specialist) will be required. Drops that dilate the pupil help to eliminate the influence of the intraocular muscles on the optical power of the eye and allow for detailed examination of the ocular fundus.

Regular eye examinations are essential

Regular eye exams are essential so that you can maintain the health of your eyes and good vision. In addition, eye examinations can reveal more information about your health than you would expect. In some cases, the eye doctor can draw conclusions about your general state of health. Your eyes will tell your doctor more about the condition of your veins and arteries than any other organ. The ophthalmologist can also detect early symptoms of diseases that can worsen your vision over time. For this reason, regular eye examinations are very important, even if you are not experiencing any vision problems. You should have an eye examination at least once a year, even if you have excellent vision.

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When checking the eyes, a number of tests are performed:


Determination of distance vision acuity using a table with letters, numbers or other signs.


Measurement of intraocular pressure. Increased intraocular pressure is the main cause of glaucoma.


Determination using an autorefractometer of the optical power of the eye (diagnosis of refraction anomalies: nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism). Some call this study computer-aided glasses selection.


Measurement of the depth of the anterior chamber, the thickness of the lens, the size of the vitreous body and the size of the eye as a whole. It is performed contactlessly in a few seconds on the latest generation optical device. Allows you to calculate the required artificial lens with high accuracy.


Corneal thickness measurement using ultrasound. This is necessary both during the examination before refractive surgery and during it.


Study of the curvature of the cornea by registering the test objects reflected by it. This study allows you to determine the shape of the cornea and the presence of problems with it.

Endothelial biomicroscopy

Determining the number and shape of cells on the inner surface of the cornea allows you to determine the optimal way to protect it during lens replacement surgery.


Determination of the limit of the field of vision. The field of vision is the part of the surrounding space that the eye is able to see when the head and gaze are completely still. An important method of diagnosing such eye diseases as glaucoma, partial atrophy of the optic nerve, etc.


A method of examining the anterior segment of the eye using a slit lamp (special microscope). With the help of biomicroscopy, an ophthalmologist can see at high magnification such tissues of the eye as the conjunctiva, cornea, as well as other structures of the eye – the iris, the lens, the vitreous body.

Examination of the fundus lens

Examination of the fundus using a fundus lens (examination of the retina and its vessels). One of the most common and important methods in the diagnosis of eye diseases. With good skills of the doctor and high-quality local anesthesia, it practically does not cause unpleasant sensations.


Optical analysis of the glasses you use.

Check results

At the end of the examination, the ophthalmologist will give you a detailed assessment of the health of your eyes and vision, inform you about the risks to which you may be prone, advise on available methods of prevention and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. Discussing the upcoming operation is an important stage of the conversation. Any question you have should be discussed before the operation!

Consultation and eye examination prices

Special price 1350 UAH.

Special price for a full eye examination and consultation 1350 UAH.

Vision diagnostics

ServicePrice in UAH.
Gift Certificate
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Comprehensive inspection1300
all examinations on ophthalmic devices and a doctor's consultation with an examination of the fundus are included (duration up to two hours)
Screening for eye damage in diabetes2900
all examinations on ophthalmological devices, consultation of a doctor with examination of the fundus, as well as complex optical coherence tomography and photofixation of the fundus of both eyes are included
Comprehensive inspection with additional service5000

primary comprehensive examination (for foreign patients) under the personal supervision of the chief specialists of the ophthalmological center (if necessary with an interpreter)
an extract of the results of the examination in English is included in the cost of the examination
Comprehensive inspection with additional service5250

primary comprehensive examination, which is carried out by the head physician of the ophthalmological center

PREMIUM PACKAGE Primary Comprehensive Examination

PREMIUM package vision diagnostics is:

A combination of a standard package vision examination and a high-tech examination: OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography).
Complete eye examination, which allows studying all parts of the eye at the cellular level and therefore revealing hidden pathological processes.
Possibility to detect eye diseases at an early stage.

Possibility to detect eye diseases at an early stage.
Moreover, eyesight diagnostics with PREMIUM package is a way to save time and money for those who need an extended diagnostics of vision organs: