German eye clinic

Deutsche Augenklinik

Laser eye surgery, cataract, retinal diseases, and glaucoma treatments- all this we perform safely, professionally, and effectively.

Excellent far and near vision without glasses

After cataract, presbyopia and refractive surgery.

Laser eye surgery

The clinic uses modern methods of laser vision correction for treating myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Genius PRO, Genius PLUS.

Our group of clinics are leaders in the treatment of cataract. Latest equipment, cataract treatment methods and experienced doctors!

Vitreoretinal surgery

Vitreoretinal and retinal surgery. A complex ophthalmic surgery that requires an unquestionable amount of experience by an ophthalmic surgeon.

What our patients say about us

Bondareva Olga Venidiktivna

Cataract treatment

Lens replacement surgery was performed on June 15, 2023.
I am very grateful to the surgeon, the medical staff and all the doctors who took part in my treatment.
I underwent the examination and then the surgery professionally, punctually, without tension.
Thank you very much!

Капрал Микола Васильович

Kapral Mykola Vasyliovych

Cataract treatment

In the clinic, the technology of providing medical services in ophthalmology at the European level is fully implemented, which is based on the latest achievements of science and technology of the world's medical centers and their production enterprises. A comfortable environment has been created for patients and medical personnel. The functionality of the space of the clinic building is carefully distributed and impeccably executed. Convenient connections combined with the stylistic integrity of the interior became the material basis for revealing the highest value of the human spirit - to do good with love. The feeling that this is where the medical art of ophthalmology is created occurs as soon as you cross the threshold of the clinic.
And then a harmonious wave of relations between visitors and employees picks up and leads to an accurate diagnosis of the state of vision. It is very gratifying to see the defining feature of ophthalmologists – meticulousness in using their professional knowledge and skills. This pedantry is fascinating, because it is the basis of a professional resolution of research work, which will prepare the patient for the right decision.
I want to learn from ophthalmologists to see the world with attentive eyes and listen to it with a sensitive heart, as doctors do when they communicate with you. I noticed this in my saviors: ophthalmic surgeon of the highest category A.M. Zhuk, department head O.V. Skapa Thank you for your work - it brought me new opportunities, visible horizons of life along with unforgettable memories of your high skill and dedication to your profession. Andrii Mykolayovych found and offered me the best solution to restore full vision, the operation of which was deeply and forever remembered along with the ideal image of a savior doctor, a sophisticated master of this matter. Careful support and support of Oksana Valeriivna continued the work of restoring vision and this gave stability to positive processes.
Thank you to all the employees who carried out the necessary actions with attention and sincere courtesy - this
is an unforgettable experience, and it is a model for imitation.
I thank the managers for organizing production, creating and educating a highly professional, sensitive and intelligent team.
I thank the founders and investors for creating such an exemplary enterprise, which Ukraine needs.
I respect you all and wish new achievements, further success in the joyful and happy humanistic sphere of the noble mission of professional activity.

Stelmakh Oleksandr Dmytrovych

Laser vision correction

Thank you very much, everything is great, all the best!


Cold Laser Eye Surgery

Cold laser Eye Surgery, LED 3D technology only at the German Eye Clinic.


Cataract treatment

“Living Sight” program after cataract surgery, presbyopia, and refractive surgery.

Modern ophthalmology

We diagnose all eye diseases, offer microsurgical treatment, and use the most modern methods.

Highly qualified specialists

“German eye clinic” continuously educates its specialists abroad.
Laser eye surgery
Cataract treatment

News of our clinic

The Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Aviation University (NAU) and the "German Eye Clinic" Company has been signed

2022-09-14, the rector of the National Aviation University Maksym Lutskyi and the director of the company “German Eye Clinic” Oksana Grosheva took place.

«Modern laser technologies in ophthalmology»

Department of Ophthalmology of the NMU named after O.O. Bogomoletsa announces an additional set of trainees for the thematic improvement courses «Modern laser technologies in ophthalmology»

Official visit to the NAU partner clinic