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Grosheva Ksenia Pavlivna

Ophthalmological surgeon of the highest category. Children's ophthalmologist.
Work experience since 2007.

Field of professional interests:

  • laser refractive surgery;
  • reconstructive and plastic ophthalmic surgery in adults and children;
  • aesthetic blepharoplasty;
  • surgical and non-surgical methods of treating strabismus in children and adults;
  • children’s ophthalmology;
  • functional diagnosis of complex eye pathology;
  • laser treatment methods;
  • problems of pathology of the fundus;
  • pathology of the cornea;
  • specialization of corneal collagen crosslinking.

Member of the European Society of Kosologists and Retinologists. Member of the European Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons.

Aviation medical expert, member of the state expert commission for the certification of aviation personnel of the Medical Center of the National Aviation University.

He regularly completes internships at university clinics in Italy and Germany.

He is preparing to defend his candidate’s thesis.

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