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German eye clinic

From day one, our aim has been to provide patients with only the best of what modern ophthalmology has to offer.

This is the number of surgeries performed in our clinics
Since day one, our goal has always been to offer our patients the very best of what modern ophthalmology has to offer. Our clinics employ some of the best professionals in the field of ophthalmology, which is confirmed by dozens of scientific papers and tens of thousands of surgeries performed. High qualification of our specialists is reached only by their daily work and training. A good doctor learns his profession throughout his life and our staff knows this. We can be rightly proud of our doctors.

"German eye clinic" is an impeccable medical service with an emphasis on controlling the medical process.

Our buildings are arranged according to modern and stringent European requirements governing medical facilities. All our clinics have state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical facilities. We regularly clean rooms, examine the premises for the cleaniness level especially pathogenic bacteria and viruses’ presence, replace and maintain cleaning systems, and do much more to eliminate risk and human error during operations and guarantee the health of our patients. Our mission is to help you keep your eyesight in perfect condition without the need for surgery, and if you should happen to need surgery, we guarantee that it will be done by some of the best eye specialists in the field of ophthalmology!

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Why "German Eye Clinic"?

Our center

Our clinic is a modern ophthalmology in Ukraine. We diagnose all diseases of the eye and carry out microsurgical treatment with modern methods.


All of our doctors are highly qualified specialists. The «German Eye Clinic» constantly trains its specialists abroad. By contacting the «German Eye Clinic», you can count on high-quality and qualified assistance.


In the «German Eye Clinic», you receive complete objective information about your disease and all effective methods of treatment. At the same time, the doctor builds a treatment regimen taking into account your individual characteristics.

Genius PLUS

Genius PLUS is one of the methods for correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Laser vision correction by this method in Ukraine can be performed in our clinic.

Treatment of cataracts with "water flow"

Difficult cases, traumatic, age-related, congenital cataract, we operate on children from 1 day. Cataracts in our clinic are removed with a “water stream” with a guaranteed improvement in vision. The experience of our ophthalmic surgeons is thousands of successful operations. Our clinic uses Rayner high-tech English lenses. Cataract treatment is a name surgery. Our specialists do not operate in other Ukrainian clinics.

Vitreoretinal surgery

Our clinic uses technologies and treatment methods recommended in Germany. The results of our operations exceed the expectations of our patients. We provide a guarantee for the result of the operation.

Treatment of strabismus with "adjustable sutures"

Treatment of strabismus is carried out in difficult cases. We correct the consequences of “unsuccessful” operations in other clinics. In our clinic, both children and adults can be operated on. The experience of successful operations performed for the treatment of strabismus according to the protocol of the Swiss University Hospital with excellent results. In our clinic, expert doctors perform operations using unique techniques.

Alternative to laser vision correction RLE

RLE (Refractive Lensectomy) is an effective method for correcting presbyopia (age-related farsightedness). RLE is designed to correct a high degree of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, when laser vision correction is not possible for medical reasons.

Impeccable reputation

In the “German Eye Clinic” you receive complete objective information about your disease and all effective methods of treatment. At the same time, the doctor builds a treatment regimen taking into account your individual characteristics.

The «German Eye Clinic» employs doctors and candidates of medical sciences, specialists of the highest categories. By contacting the «German Eye Clinic», you can always count on high-quality and qualified assistance.

Before the operation, a contract is signed with the patient, which stipulates all the rights of the patient and aspects of treatment. Full information is provided on the various techniques and ways to achieve an excellent treatment result.

The «German Eye Clinic» provides the patient with the opportunity to control the quality of the operation. We record and archive the entire operation process for objective medical control. Audio and video recording of the conversation between the doctor and the patient during the diagnosis and consultation of the patient is also conducted. Not every medical center can afford such “openness”.

All equipment and materials used by our specialists have European certificates and have passed the necessary registration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The level of equipment of our medical center is a benchmark for the leading European centers for the treatment of eye diseases.