Today, a meeting took place between Maxim Lutskiy, the Rector of the National Aviation University, and Oksana Grosheva, the Director of the “German Eye Clinic” Company.

The following individuals attended the meeting:
– Oleksiy Mykhalchenko, vice-rector for innovative education and informatization of NAU;
– Vadim Petlin, chief physician of the Aviation Medical Center (AMC) of NAU.

The participants discussed the collaboration between the AMC at NAU, which serves as a certification and diagnostic centre for Civil Aviation, and various specialised clinics. The main objectives of this collaboration are to provide highly qualified medical assistance, prompt treatment, independent expertise, diagnosis of complex cases, and forecasting professional activities (including aviation personnel).

Oksana Grosheva emphasised that the advanced diagnostic equipment, innovative approach to early diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, as well as specialists with experience in aviation medicine, will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality of professional life for flight personnel, specialists, and university students.

As a result of the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed.